Shaolin Zhang

Hi! I am Shaolin Zhang, a high school senior in Shanghai, China studying International Baccalaureate. I am interested in Computer Science, especially Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning disciplines. I co-chaired the first K-12 hackathon in China, High School Hackathon Shanghai. In February 2016, I co-founded Remix, the first high school lifestyle application in China and finalized an investment at a post-money valuation of $800,000. It was an amazing journey where I found unspeakable pleasure under immesurable pressure.

In 2017, I co-founded hack.init() in cooperation with ShanghaiTech University. hack.init() is the largest hackathon in China that opens to both high school and college students. We received wide support from both the government and the private sector. A total of 54 sponsors and partners participated in this event. I also interned at Lanzhong (NineChapter) as a Software Engineering Intern during the summer.

I am a five-time hackathon participant, setting various records at various hackathons:

  • hack[Shanghai] by New York University Shanghai in October 2015. Admitted as the youngest participant (age 15). Best Hardware Award Recipient.
  • HACKxFDU by Fudan University in October 2016. Admitted as the youngest participant (age 16). Team leader, Finalist and DJI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Recipient.
  • Penta Hackathon by Microsoft China and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in November 2016. Admitted as the youngest participant (age 16). Team leader and Finalist Award Recipient.
  • PennApps XV by University of Pennsylvania in January 2017, one of the most prestigious collegiate hackathons in the United States. Admitted as the only minor from China among 800 participants out of over 5,000 applicants. Led the first Chinese international team to compete in the competition. Travel cost reimbursed by PennApps.
  • hack[Nanjing] by China League Hacking and Jiangsu Brand Association in May 2017. Admitted as the youngest participant (age 16). Second Place among all projects.

My Curriculum Vitae is available here.

Shaolin Zhang

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